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Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is quickly becoming the high-tech vehicle of choice for many people in the market for a new car. Volkswagen has long held the belief that the Golf needs to embody a form of fun, affordable, and a somewhat-upscale means of transportation. As the Volkswagen Golf continues to evolve so does the technology onboard. Below we will highlight the new features and continued philosophy that VW has instilled since the Golf hit the market in 1974.


Expanding the Golf lineup has led to a few different varieties of the model in the Golf SportWagen, some crossover competition in the Golf Alltrack, and a high-performance model in the Golf GTI and Golf R. But, with a new generation comes lose as the Sportwagen and Alltrack are no longer going to be in production. But don’t worry, performance is still a big deal at VW as they will continue to produce the Golf, GTI, and R.

volkswagen golf

The base trim level of the Golf starts at $22,740 and the next level up is just a little bit above that in price, coming in at $25,040. With the average cost of a new car coming in at about $30k the Golf just shows that there is a car with high-end features that is still available at an affordable price.

The previous model years’ 1.8 turbo-four engine has been replaced by the 1.4-liter turbocharged I4, the same engine found in the new Jetta Sedan, proof that there is still plenty of power behind the wheel.

While there might be less horsepower in the new 1.4-liter engine the Golf makes up for it in 184 lbs-ft of torque. Couple that with Volkswagen’s XDS cross-differential system, which reduces the understeer and sharpens the Golf’s reflexes, makes the Golf a fun-to-drive car that you can get for less than $25k.

Rounding off the overview is the technology in the cabin. The S trim of the Golf comes with a 6.5-inch touchscreen but if you decide to move up a trim level to the SE you get a 8-inch screen with icons that pop up as your finger approaches. Another feature we all love is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is standard on the Golf no matter the trim

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One slip up on the tech side of things would be the lack of USB ports. Nowadays most cars have multiple ports to plug into but the Golf has only one. A plus is the ability to pair two phones over Bluetooth. This ensures that you as the driver can operate hands-free and still allows your passenger to play their favorite songs while on the road.

Overall front and rear passengers have plenty of legroom in VW’s signature hatchback. Speaking of space, where the Golf really excels is the cargo space. Thanks to the hatchback design the Golf boasts 53 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down to allow you to carry a myriad of different goods.

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