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Volkswagen Specials at Dick Hannah Volkswagen of Portland

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Why Choose Dick Hannah Dealerships?

A car is kind of a big deal. It’s a big machine and it’s a big expense and it’s a big part of life as we know it. And so, when we talk to you about your car, we take it pretty seriously. We believe in driving around until we hear the rattle that only happens when it’s raining, on a hill, turning slightly to the left. We believe in coloring with your 4-year-old while you take a test drive. We believe one mistake is one too many. We are not okay with just okay.

We believe in listening before talking, thinking before acting, and showing our cards. All of them. All of this may seem strange, since the car business has a reputation for being not so nice. But over the years, we’ve learned it’s better to be nice, do good and tell the truth. And for us, that is a big deal.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

All new vehicles purchased at any of our locations come with our free lifetime limited powertrain warranty. Everything that’s included in the Factory Limited Powertrain Warranty is now covered for as long as you own your vehicle. Unlimited time. Unlimited miles. Superior service.

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